Saturday, June 19, 2010

what is new in Hampden's whollyterra

To start i have to say i am a terrible internet user so here we go.

I started doing stained glass when i was in ninth grade i am 37 this month so to say i have been doing glass work for a while is kind of an understatement. With half of my life doing glass i seem to find more things to do that are new using. Now i do like to go back to the roots of it all with the copper foil method and soldering. There is something fun about cutting glass fitting it and then connecting them using solder. All these "hard" materials combining to make something that is really fluid and fluid in the way i put them together and how they join.

I have been in Hampden for now 10 years and i have been at my 3406 chestnut avenue space for almost 8 years. This neighborhood has never been the same since.

One of my favorite stained glass transoms i have done around baltimore is the one at 2619 Eastern avenue. This one has red and orange circles dancing through the transom space. I think this is a favorite only because i get the most comments on it. Each one of the pieces i make is a new favorite and is an individual piece each to its own. 455 24th street is one of my newer ones using the circle design that floats circles of color and size through a whimsy layout. I took this to a whole new level when i started putting the glass in a steel structure which can be floated over a wall space. Like the first one that i did this way on 3446 chestnut avenue just up the street from my studio gallery space.

Lets see where i can take this new way of creating pieces can go, watch for the next entry.

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  1. Hi Steve. I came across your blog with photos of your stained glass transoms. I really love them and hope you will be willing to answer a question or two for me. The first is about the spaces between or around some of the circles. How did you straddle and fill the "gaps"? It looks like solder covers whatever it is.

    Did you use copper foil on all of the interior edges with zinc on the outside edges for support?

    I also sent this as an email to this blog.

    Looking forward to learning more. I have panels to make for 3 doors in our house and your transoms have inspired me to finally get started.