Saturday, June 19, 2010

mail boxes

Sometimes i make things that just challenge me. Lights are always a challenge and are usually my favorite things to think of to make. Recently i have gotten more tasks of mailboxes. These are fun to make only because of the factors that they are subject to. Daily usage, weather and asthetics are only part of the problems that face anyone designing mailboxes. So i decided to work on a few different ones keeping in mind these things.
The first "mailbox" i did was for the late Peter Costello. As he would say he "bloody love it!". It incorporated the use of glass and metal for a functional art piece. He loved the one i did next door and after we talked i decided he needed a mailbox in the piece so it starts.

For the one i did at 1442 Battery i needed to focus on the fact it sat right on the wall with no roof over it to protect it from the elements. I also brought in the fact that they get big catalogs and needed a light also. Now this all happened because they wanted a transom not a mailbox and look what they got a transom, a light, house numbers, a mailbox and a great exterior sculpture. It is not very often that you get all that in one "package".

Now i am doing parts of the pieces narrowing the focus on the mailbox and numbers. With 3015 i wanted to elongate the wall and grab attention to the numbers so that when guests come over they can find the house fast. Oh and i can never be satisfied with a design until i mess with our need to conform. i made the mailbox pull out from the side and hinge on one side thus folding it into the long shape of it. Not a big box but man is it cool when you pull it open.

I am working on some other mail boxes so lets see what they look like.

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